In the living memory of our dear friend and colleague Fifan Satria…


Based on tragic events that unfolded on August 13th 2023 involving a boat heading from Nias to Pinang Island in Aceh, that encountered a storm resulting in 7 travellers becoming missing at sea for two nights and one day. Thanks to the remarkable response from the Indonesian and international rescue teams, Basarnas, the Australian embassy, local fishermen, charter boats, volunteers, families and friends, 6 out of 7 seven travellers were rescued, unfortunately the vessel captain Fifan Satria remained missing and has never been found. This unfortunate event has enlightened the importance of working with the broader Pulau Banyak community to improve maritime safety standards of vessels and captain training in the region. The local community in Pulau Banyak and the survivors have decided to initiate an NGO called “Fifan Foundation for Maritime Safety”, aimed at improving marine safety in the Aceh province (particularly in our Pulau Banyak region) for tourism activities and local fishermen.

Safe Seas for All


Together, we forge a secure environment for all, supporting thriving tourism and sustainable livelihoods.